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Molokai Livestock Cooperative
Address: P.O. Box 1569 Kaunakakai, HI, 96748
Phone: 808-567-6994
About Us
The Molokai Livestock Cooperative promotes the growth of the grass finishing business of livestock operations and the promotion of local food production and distribution. MLC is a federally inspected USDA slaughter and processing facility for both commercial and home use needs. Our diversified staff is trained in humane handling techniques and dedicated to our mission of producing high quality products. There are six local ranchers that are active members in our co-op including the Molokai Homesteaders Livestock Association (MHLA) and Molokai Ranch.
The Molokai Livestock Cooperative works with local ranchers who are interested in producing high quality grass-finished animals utilizing sound pasture management techniques. The core ranchers are located on Molokai, but the Cooperative does run short of animals so grass-finished carcasses are sometimes shipped in from Big Island to fulfill market demands. Our facility is also certified for other species including deer, hogs, goats and sheep.