Na Hua O Ka 'Aina, Purdy’s Nut Farm
Address: PO Box 84 Ho'olehua, HI, 96729
About Us
Na Hua o ka Aina was established by Tuddie & Kammy Purdy in 1982 on their homestead focusing on the one-acre, 50 macadamia tree orchard that was planted by the original homesteaders in the 1920s. Today, 4-generations later, our small agribusiness is 40-years old, and the orchard is 100-years old. Through the years, we have expanded to 5-acres of macadamia, kukui, and coconut, adopting the name, Purdy's Nuts. We practice natural farming (no chemicals or pesticides) and keep harvest and production simple, no heavy equipment. We offer free farm tours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10:30-12:30pm. Come taste the's Purdy good!
40-years agribusiness; homestead natural farming; no chemicals or pesticides used in our farm