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Address: 19 Kamakana Place Kaunakakai, HI, 96748
Phone: 808-728-2966
About Us
The Holm ohana (Mike, Tiare, our four daughters, and 2 grandsons) is happy to be serving the Island of
Molokai. "HOLM-Made" is our family brand and we offer a variety of HOLM-Baked products, from cakes to soups to freshly baked bread. We are excited and proud to offer our new Sweet Elilai products that are made on Molokai with 100% coconut oil using an age old, tried and true method that is commonly used throughout the Pacific Islands. We named our youngest daughter Elilai, the Palauan word for plumeria.
Our coconut oil is made using Mike's family recipe from the island of Palau. Coconuts are hand picked and small batches of coconut shavings are carefully heated at low temperatures for many hours to draw out the oil and preserve therapeutic properties. This method infuses a very pleasant, light, toasty, aroma that is guaranteed to make you feel like you're home in the islands. It can be used to moisturize and nourish the skin and alltypes of hair. It also naturally repels mosquitos. We offer our coconut oil in 4ounce bottles, a variety pack of 2 - 2 ounce bottles (original coconut oil/coconut oil infused with therapeutic grade lavender oil). We also offer a variety of different pareos + 4 ounce bottle coconut oil giftpack, perfect for any occasion! We use this oil on a daily basis because of the many benefits and we're happy to now be sharing it with you.