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Ku'ulei Mahiai
Contact: Viola and Weldon
Address: P.O Box 219 Hoolehua, HI, 96729
Phone: 808-217-1168
About Us
Viola Mundrick-Wichman and husband, Weldon Wichman of Hoolehua are farming on 5 acres of homestead lands since 1997. Viola is a Master Food Preserver, a member of Hawaii Tropical Food Growers and has attended numerous workshops on the practice of natural farming, GAP and GHP. Weldon is a veteran and has recently retired, again, from teaching secondary education at Molokai High School. As a 4-H project, we farmed a certified organic papaya operation from 2010-2014. We have approximately 150 tropical fruiting trees and are delight to "talk story" with like minded individuals.
Our farming methods incorporate natural composting, natural fertilizers - fowl, horse and vermiculture and nitrogen fixing trees to enhance the soil. We utilize several Korean Natural Farming practices to protect our grove and increase production and taste of all our products.