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I started by producing just plant starts and selling. The demand was great, and people kept coming back for more and different varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and succulents, as well as ornamentals. I ended up with a bunch of herbs so I decided to try out some combinations of dry herbs and fresh herbs. Fresh Basil Pesto and Rosemary Salts was a hit right off the back. I have been drying and grinding a whole bunch of different herbs. I eventually want to turn some of the herbs towards natural remedies, teas, oils, dry rubs for beef, poultry and fish. I have been starting my own seed bank that I will also be selling.
I started by just planting for home consumption and being in a place doing what I loved to do. Gardening became a passion for me and throughout the years I got to share some of my Manao with the keiki of Kaunakakai Elementary. By doing so my little farm at home grew and I started to create different added value items as well as plant starts and fresh produce. I use only organic practices with worm teas and castings as preventable measures for pests and plant food. I graduated from U H Hilo with my Bachelors in Plant Science and Agroecology in December of 2018. I continue to teach Gardening at Kaunakakai School's after School Program and during the Summer. I do all my work in the comfort of my own home.