Circle H Ranch
Contact: H&S Pali & Sons
Address: 1778 KALAE HWY. PO box 154 Kualupuu, HI, 96757
Phone: 808-567-6788
About Us
October 20, 1927, Roland Gay, was awarded his Hawaiian Homelands lease in upper Kalama'ula and being the first Hawaiian Homelands commissioner on Molokai, he had the pick of the crop. After six years of working his land with pineapple, he moved back to Kaua'i, his 'aina 'oiwi (birth place). Norman McGuire became the second lessee for this Homestead and ran a cattle operation up until 1944 when my grandfather had the opportunity to obtain his lease. We are a multi-generational family, living on this same Homestead, where we have diversified the operation ever since. We try to work in harmony with nature and many times it has not been easy because of the invasive species that can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, mother nature has nurtured the fruits of our vision and we hope that you enjoy some of the "momona" (sweetness)
The soil in this part of the island is conducive to producing many of our sweet and delectable fruits along with the ideal climatic conditions. We do more composting and little to no chemical fertilizer.