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Ho’omakua Farm
Contact: Ashley Hogue + Niles James
Address: P o box 892 Kaunakakai, HI, 96748
Phone: 808-292-5142
About Us
Hoomakua Farm is comprised of local organic farmers and recent graduates of UH Maui (FAM) Farmer Apprentice Mentorship program Niles James and Ashley Hogue. Niles James, a graduate of JM Fortier's Market Gardener Masterclass and the Farmers Apprentice Mentorship Program at University of Hawaii Maui is following his generational footsteps with farming roots as the man who keeps us going with planting, harvest, compost, workshops, and tours if you'd ever like to say hi. Ashley Hogue, a former FFA student and graduate of both HDOA’s Produce Safety Program, the FAM Program at UH and holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from California Polytechnic State University, is our gal behind the email confirming CSA inquiries and keeping you in the know with our behind the scenes media. Ho’omakua by definition means to grow into maturity; to act the part of a parent; to foster, adopt, as a child; to call or treat as a parent; to address as parent, aunt, or uncle one related by affection rather than by blood or adoption; to become established or permanent. We live through these words through our actions caring for the land under our feet both at Honomuni and Mapulehu, Molokai.

The highest quality, ultra fresh, "beyond organically" managed produce from Ho'omakua Farm is free from chemicals, bio or synthetic insecticides/pesticides/herbicides