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Firmiana's Cultured Vegetables
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About Us
“FIRMIANA’S CULTURED VEGETABLES” are a unique style of sauerkraut with flavors ranging from traditional to tropical. We use organic & local ingredients which provide our flavors to be simply scrumptious and highly supportive for your digestive Health! Our sauerkraut is fermented with a culture starter that contains 4 verities of probiotics and prebiotics. This formula has been specifically designed to support a healthy digestive system. We cut the cabbage into confetti size to help alleviate all of the necessary chewing involved when consuming cabbages. It is said that we must chew 30 times for each bit of food.
The main probiotic strain used to create Firmiana’s sauerkraut is Lactobacillus Plantarum and here is some researched benefits of this outstanding PROBIOTIC.

Improves digestion
Increase your immunity
Enhanced overall health
It produces its own antibiotics that intelligently target bad bacteria.
It makes Lysine, an essential amino acid.
Fights against intestinal pathogens(bacteria or virus that can cause disease)
Decreased flatulence