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Lapa'au Farm
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About Us
Lapa'au Farm is a regenerative bio-intensive farming operation in Olinda on the island of Maui. We practice “beyond organic” methods, which means we forgo modern organic methods that allow a long list of pesticides to still be used. Instead, we focus on biodiversity and seasonal crops, with a strong focus on building organic matter in our soil. We grow a variety of crops, but our primary focus is growing oyster mushrooms, salad greens, brassicas and other root crops.
We believe in adding lots of organic matter to the soil. We do our best to make a small impact on the soil while adding in our spent oyster mushroom substrate and organic fish bone meal fertilizer to build up organic matter. These practices create more diversity and living microorganisms in our soil to digest more nutrients so they are bioavailable to our plants for higher quality and better flavored vegetables.