Maui Wild Cultures
Address: 60 E. Wakea Ave #111 Kahului, HI, 96732
Phone: 808-280-1222
About Us
We are a husband and wife dynamic duo wild about fermentation. We started this company in our home in 2014. Well, it was more of a hobby back then. We had no idea so many people would enjoy our home made fermented foods. Within a year of selling our products at a local farmer's markets we landed accounts at some of Maui's best health food stores. We where thrilled to say the least! And it just keeps getting better. You can now find us on Oahu & Kauai too!
Mahalo for your support means the world to us!
Paul & April

To provide Hawaii with fresh fermented probiotic rich foods. Paul and I recently began growing our own daikon, beets, green onions, Maui sweet onions, chili peppers, ginger, and purple top turnips. We also grow most the herbs you will find in our products such as dill, oregano, kaffir lime leaves (we planted a tree) lemongrass, thyme and oregano. Its been very rewarding to work with my husband to turn our 5000 sq. ft back yard into a micofarm.

Our production is some what limited so we also buy produce from several local Maui organic farms we have been working with for years. It takes a community! I have to say the farmers we work with are gems. They are stoked that me and Paul have started our own farm and happy to share their knowledge to hep us grow more food!!