Molokai Mushrooms
Address: 10275 Kamehameha V Highway Kaunakakai, HI, 96748
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Phone: 413-333-9767
About Us
Moloka’i Mushrooms was born from an off grid site in Wailua Valley. We are self taught and experimental mushroom cultivators who use only invasive tree species waste to cultivate gourmet oyster mushrooms. Mushrooms are grown in a semi-controlled greenhouse climate.

We are passionate about soil building and utilize all spent mushroom substrate in our small, bio-intensive garden.

All Natural, Non GMO permaculture

Mushrooms are cultivated from grain spawn. Grain is sterilized at 15psi for two hours before Inoculation with either liquid mycelium or petri dish culture. Cultures are hand selected by myself. Any sign of contamination in grain results in disposal of all materials. Clean grain with only selected mycelium is sent to Inoculate large amounts of heat pasteurized wood chips.