Address: 291 Kikipua St. Kaunakakai, HI, 96748
About Us
We are known as the Samba-hunnies, a play on our last name, Sambajon, where the 'j' is pronounced with an 'h' sound. Our family consists of five members, and our three daughters, affectionately called the "hunnies," are dedicated helpers in our mala 'ai (garden), collecting hua moa (eggs), and preparing mea 'ono (delightful sweets).

Our 'ohana is dedicated to living the sustainable lifestyle. What began as a modest gardening endeavor, guided by the Hawaiian moon phases, has evolved into a deep appreciation for the ability to enjoy the fruits of our own 'aina. By combining 'ike kupuna (ancestral knowledge) with modern practices, we cultivate a diverse array of vegetation available year-round. Furthermore, we have egg-laying chickens that produce white eggs. On occasion, we engage in barter with local farmers for bananas and also offer delightful treats, such as banana lumpia, for sale.
We're the Samba-hunnies, an 'ohana dedicated to living sustainably. Our journey began with gardening using Hawaiian moon phases and has blossomed into a love and appreciation for our 'aina momona. We use 'ike kupuna with modern practices to cultivate year-round vegetation, raise white egg-laying chickens, and even barter with local farmers. Our three daughters, the "hunnies," assist in our mala 'ai (garden) and mea 'ono (delightful treats) creations.