JKO Gardens & Things
Address: PO Box 233 Ho’olehua, HI, 96729
Phone: 808-594-6857
About Us
It is a small homestead backyard garden. I have many different species of edible plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs. It is a sustainable garden setting for home use, and I am trying to venture outside of the home use and trying to help others begin their very own sustainable garden in their back yard.
I am a small homestead gardener that grew up farming eggplant, corn, watermelon, papaya (16# ones too). And other fruits and vegetables. I try to grow a multitude of different types of fruit and vegetables to sustain my home as well as family. I also have macadamia nut trees and mango Kia palms. I am also venturing into growing flowers for Lei’s as well as floral arrangements.